Mátyás Varga
Audio Engineer - FOH SOUND Mixer
Currently BASED in Malmö, Sweden


I am involved in music since my childhood growing up learning guitar and listening wide scale of genres.
I was smitten that we can save a piece of time as audio data to recreate it and I decided to go deeper into the world of the engineering side of music.
Now i am working on extensive goals to reach the holy grails of audio production.



Capturing and mixing music is always full of experimenting, the same thing never happens, just send me your original tracks to get the balanced dynamic and soundscape.


Mixing live performances to have the best live concert experience wherever you listen to it.


Creating sounds, atmospheres for commercials, games, applications and videos.

My Works

Selected works from studio to live projects

Ethno Darwin - Riport

Recorded - Mixed - Mastered

Várallyay Petra Trio

Recorded - Mixed - Mastered

Buster Keaton (UK)


Ritmosaic Percussion Group

Recorded - Mixed - Mastered

Babel Sound Festival 2016/2017

FOH Mixing

Porteleki - Czitrom Duo

FOH Mixing - Audio recording

Line On Some Trip (L.O.S.T.)


NAGYEDi Project - Runaway

Recording - Mixing - Mastering

Arif Erdem Ocak - Black Earth

Recording - Mixing

Face of Bass - Sweet Tooth

FOH Mixing - Live Recording

Meszecsinka - Hajnalban

FOH Mixing - Live Recording

Speiz Boiz - The Anthem

FOH Mixing - Live Recording

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